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Smaller diesel-powered ships, such as ferries and inland cargo ships can be converted or designed to operate on XRG batteries using an electrolyte as fuel. Vanadium electrolytes can be exchanged at port facilities connected to the grid or renewables. No carbon footprint, no fire risk and a lifecycle cost lower than that of diesel.


Electric trains using container size XRG batteries would utilize energy more efficiently and enable distances not covered by the electrical grid.  Diesel or electric-powered buses and trucks can benefit from XRG batteries similarly and in areas where a higher carbon footprint may prohibit them to operate.

EV Charging

Vanadium redox flow batteries “VRFB” have a unique capability; rapid and safe recharge of electric vehicles. VRFBs are the most efficient and practical route for bringing renewable energy to transport. As XRG batteries are self-sufficient, there is no need for fuel transport or backup generators with a sustainable energy storage solution.  XRG can also shift the AC load by storing energy with zero loss for use at peak times like the evening. XRG also accommodates vehicle to grid ‘V2G” ability to reverse the flow of energy from hydrogen or battery-powered vehicles to provide power directly into the grid or your home.

Clean Power


Standalone applications, such as communication systems in remote locations, must operate unattended all year.  Depending on size of power required XRG batteries can provide a self-contained cost-effective, fireproof solution to buffer the output from solar or wind energy supplied to the system.

Mining Operations

Some mining equipment, such as crushers, mixers or digesters, cannot be turned off because they cannot be restarted safely if at all.  Power from the local grid is often not available or subject to frequent blackouts.  Reliable backup, usually diesel generators, are therefore essential but need fuel and have to be maintained.  XRG Batteries are a green, cost effective energy solution that can pick up the slack faster without the maintenance issues and hazards associated with conventional fuel.


Everywhere the military operates requires power to support communications, lights and AC for housing and bivouacs no matter how portable. Diesel generators are a main source of power. XRG batteries can provide tactical power alternative where fuel supply, smell, pollution and noise could be relevant issues.

Grid Modernization


When renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are integrated with the grid they can create supply spikes and demand issues that may clash with the utility that provides the bulk of the power to the grid. XRG batteries, coupled with smart controls, may alleviate disruptions by smoothing the “duck” curve, lowering energy and demand costs to the consumer and benefiting the utility by reducing loads. XRG is cost effective, green solution.


Microgrids are smaller grids connected to the main grid and typically cover a community located at some distance from the utility that serves the grid. XRG batteries may be used as a standby source of energy and emergency connection in the event of natural disaster, blackouts. As an option the XRG battery storage may be expanded to add solar or wind energy thereby making the microgrid more independent of the utility. Costs may be shared between utility and community.


Live autonomously without reliance on a utility and or polluting sources of energy like diesel. XRG easily integrates with renewable power to become a decentralized electric system. Offgrid communities exist all over the world, mostly on small islands or in the jungle. They may or may not have any power supply. The ones that do have diesel-powered generators that provide power only during the day. Renewable energy, coupled with XRG batteries, could transform those communities by providing a steady supply of energy without the noise, hazards, cost, stink, and carbon footprint of diesel.

Commercial & Industrial

Smart Home

Revolutionize your home as your own low cost, green energy source. It is now possible with XRG, the safest and most sustainable energy storage system. For multi-residential buildings, XRG batteries can not only lower overall energy use but could also avoid demand charges if the building is centrally metered. (Benefits will depend on building size and utility rate structure.)


Most commercial buildings are leased by their owners. Office buildings have high energy loads due to AC and depend on the HVAC system used. Almost always the tenant pays for energy use in direct proportion to the floor area covered by the lease. XRG batteries provide for emergency backup and shifting the load to lower demand charges by providing an ecological and economical energy solution for owners and tenants.

Essential Energy

Institutional buildings, such as hospitals, prisons, and schools are typically owner-occupied have a critical need for reliable electricity. Natural disasters and power outages are difficult to anticipate, and XRG provides reliable power when and where it is needed most. Our VRFB systems are multiuse, reliable, cost-effective, and good for our mother planet.

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